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Paranormal Valencia

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Grupo para los aficionados a los fenómenos paranormales, conoce aficionados a los misterios y a los temas paranormales en Valencia, quedadas


    02 jul   Valencia

    Hey guys,

    My name is Nicky and I am starting a paranormal group in Valencia. I am searching for members. It does not matter if you don't speak English very well. I speak some Spanish and Portuguese. I fell it's my call to start my own group as I experience paranormal activities almost on a daily basis. I see future happening in my dreams and I have seem full body ghosts right in my front. I feel that there is a lot in this country to be explored and I hope I can count on a group to go in this adventure with me. If anyone is interested or have some questions, please, contact me on my email:

    Many blessings.

    Nuvole Bianche Hey, I used to experience strange things, but more dreams related. I sometimes remember my past lives and receive information regarding smth, or somebody. Would love to practice more. Did you see another group here -videntes-. Maybe we should join them for real. My interest in this would be to improve my abilities, or at least - wake them up-.
  • Hacer quedadas en grupos serios

    30 nov   Valencia

    Tengo una psb7 cada uno de los que se unan debe portar algo o estar especializado en la materia.

  • Conocer gente

    13 ago   Valencia

    Soy Carlos y quiero conocer gente nueva por Valencia y alrededores. Estoy abierto a cualquier tipo de actividad. Gente sana, dinámica y con ganas de hacer un poco de todo. Me gustaría saber más acerca de esto